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Upside Found are an art and design house producing unique, handmade plants made to match

any home decor or colour scheme.


Using sculpture, print design, hand-painting and digital art techniques we produce limited edition faux plants in a range of beautiful colours and styles. 


Our inspiration comes from the natural world's infinite variety of plants, animals and sea-life.

Grown from a light-bulb moment in 2016, Upside Found's plants are a fusion of art, sculpture and home decoration.


Upside Found work with clients to produce bespoke faux plant designs to order.

Tap into the growing trend for botanicals in homes, retail spaces, bars, hotels and other spaces. Choose desirable, decorative statement pieces in colours and styles made to match your corporate branding.

"We wanted to bring a piece of laidback Uruguayan lifestyle to the heart of London and Naomi’s palm trees were the perfect way to inspire this feel at our summer banquet event on a boat cruising the River Thames.

Beautiful hand-crafted work!"

- Josepfina Harms, Blends Wine Estates


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